Jana Fox

Director of Treehouse Operations & Main Location

Jana serves as both, Director of Treehouse operations and the Director of our main location. Early childhood education and working with young children is an area of interest Jana has long enjoyed. Jana especially enjoys seeking what is new and most relevant in this industry in order to foster a quality early learning environment for our Treehouse children. She works hard to ensure both, children and staff, at The Treehouse have a “home away from home” that The Treehouse has provided for her as well. Jana has worked with The Learning Treehouse for over 17 years and she earned a degree in Early Childhood Program Administration, as well as, The National Administrator Credential. When Jana is not at The Treehouse, she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and two sons, ages 8 and 1 year.


Amy Hudson

Assistant Director - Main Location

Amy serves as the Assistant Director for The Treehouse main location. She has worked for over 21 years in preschool and child care. Amy has an amazing personality that is contagious around The Treehouse. She builds incredible bonds with the children and families in our care and her commitment to The Treehouse is unmatched. You can catch Amy singing and dancing with the children and bringing joy to the center throughout her daily tasks. When Amy is away from The Treehouse, she enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and spending time with her husband and two young adult sons.

Kristen Kennedy

Office Administrator - Main Location

Kristen serves as the office administrator for our main location. She works hard to ensure that The Treehouse operations are running smoothly and ensures our parents and staff have the information they need. She has worked for over 7 years in child care, including working as a teacher for The University of Georgia child care center. Kristen’s professional skills and attention to detail make her an important member of our administration. When she is not at The Treehouse, Kristen enjoys listening to music and spending time with her husband and sweet puppy, Milo.

Crystal Trempe

Director - The Learning Treehouse Too

Crystal serves as the director of our brand new expansion location, The Learning Treehouse Too. Crystal has been with The Treehouse for over five years and has enjoyed her time teaching in our three year old program. Crystal has worked for over 15 years in preschool and loves children of all ages. Her patience and dedication to The Treehouse make her a great leader for our new adventure. When she is not at Treehouse Too, Crystal enjoys reading and spending time with both her boys ages 17 and 2 years.

Samantha Pate

Assistant Director - The Learning Treehouse Too

Samantha serves as the assistant director of The Learning Treehouse Too. Samantha is a former director and has worked in the child care and preschool field for over 12 years. Her kind nature and love of children make her the perfect match for The Treehouse family. Samantha is a hard working mother of four children ages 18, 16, 13, and 11. When Samantha is sway from Treehouse Too, she enjoys shopping and spending time with her family.